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(SL,TK,TD 1507)
MAY 9, 2004
This day, the prop/costume community, and a family, lost a decent, remarkable and good man. This day, a man was heading home to His family, after spending some time at a close friend shop. He was tragically killed, in His car, on his way home, home to those He loved the most, His wife, and baby daughter. The family lost a husband, and a father. The prop and costume community lost a mentor, and a remarkable person. This man was one of the most passionate persons, I have ever met in this hobby. He had a fantastic ability to make you feel at ease, if you were new to props/costuming. He would help you, tired less, if you had any problems in this hobby. The thing you noticed right away, was His passion for VADER. He dedicated a lot of his time to this black character, and had a world of advice for all, new to this. He soon got to be, one of the most beloved people on this board, which He is the father of, and the Replica Prop forum, which he struggled to get more civil. He succeeded.  

G. The Community misses you, but is, in your spirit, growing stronger for everyday.
Rest in peace.
Graham “VADERMAKER” Campbell.
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